Who the heck says you can’t grow veggies in the dead of winter?

Well technically it’s still fall (hard to believe), but it sure feels and looks like winter out there, including frigid arctic temperatures and snowfall. But with a sturdy low tunnel you can grow veggies well into the cold weather, as this series of photos from my winter salad garden demonstrates! “Under the hood” in the main low tunnel I’ve got several kinds of green and red lettuce (including Red and Green Romaine, Salad Bowl, Red Velvet, Buttercrunch and Green Oakleaf), mustard greens, Swiss chard, kale, broccoli and mizuna, and in the smaller covered plot in the foreground I have arugula and white turnips (good for the greens as well as their sweet roots). You can do this too, and nothing makes friends happier than a fresh garden salad in the middle of winter. Start planning for your 2017 winter garden now… and look for MVG winter gardening and low tunnel construction classes this coming summer!