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IMG_6699Gordon Clark, Project Director of Montgomery Victory Gardens, is a certified Master Gardener and Master Composter through the University of Maryland, a community garden advisor, and a frequent public speaker on food issues.  MVG offers a variety of food growing workshops, community garden visits and food policy presentations for groups of all ages, sizes and skill levels.  Special requests are welcomed – individual food gardening coaching/support also available.  Contact us at


Food Growing Workshops:

  • Indoor Seed Starting for the Veggiemail
  • Essentials of Organic Food Gardening
  • Introduction to Organic Food Gardening for Kids
  • Container Food Gardening 101
  • Extending the Season: Fall and Winter Food Gardening Techniques
  • Low Tunnel Construction Demonstration
  • The Joys of Composting and Vermicomposting
  • Building a Worm Bin for Kids
  • Food Gardening and Climate Change – Confronting the Challenge

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Garden for VictoryFood Policy Presentations:

  • The Future of Food and Farming in Montgomery County – How Will We Feed Ourselves in 30 Years?
  • Digging for Victory – A Short History of Youth and Community Food Production in America
  • Organic Foods, Natural Foods and GMOs – What’s the Difference, and Why Does it Matter?




Praise for Montgomery Victory Gardens workshops and presentations:

“You are a master teacher in addition to being a master gardener! Thanks again for a wonderful morning in the garden – you have a huge fan club at Capitol Hill Day School!”  – Lisa Sommer, Field Education Director

 “Awesome. I feel like I can do this now.” – Valerie, Food Gardening Workshop participant

“Gordon has lectured to four of my university courses so far and I will keep inviting him since students report that his presentations, sadly, are better than my own. He electrifies the room by presenting material in dramatic, articulate and meaningful ways, and focuses conversation so that participants feel that are gaining U.S. School Gardengenuine understanding. If you’re looking for an extremely knowledgeable, energetic and perceptive speaker to advance your organization’s goals or simply shed insight on a given topic, invite Gordon.  Your audience will thank you.” – Professor Paul Wapner, Global Environmental Politics Program, American University

“Answered questions from someone with experience and someone without with the same earnestness.” – Deepa, Food Gardening Workshop participant

“Gordon Clark of Montgomery Victory Gardens presented an impassioned call to action at our annual Green Matters Symposium. His talk about the perils of industrial agriculture and the importance of supporting our growing local food economy was a strong and timely message, delivered by a strong and fervent speaker.” – Mark Richardson , Former Adult Education Programs Manager, Brookside Gardens

 “Lots of good info, without being overwhelming.” – Ginny, Food Gardening Workshop participant

“Very engaging and informative. Exactly what I was hoping for – maybe better!” – Donna, Food Gardening Workshop participant

“His interaction with the kids was excellent and my son was very happy.” – Crystal, Food Gardening Workshop for Kids participant

 Grow Your Own“It was a pleasure to hear you speak so eloquently about the importance of food in our daily life…in our Rethink Montgomery series. We will be continuing the Rethink discussion among our staff to develop new approaches to our work and what we learned from your talk will certainly inform our discussions.” –  Rollin Stanley, Director, Planning Dept., Maryland – National Capital Park and Planning Commission

“So glad we came!  Learned a lot.  Can’t wait for the compost class!”
– Shannon, Food Gardening Workshop participant

“Really good – organized, right amount of info, very energizing.” – Tim, Food Gardening Workshop participant

“I want to thank you for everything you and MVG did to make Revathi’s (an AID Fellow and an Organic Farmer) trip here as wonderfully successful as it was. From meeting some outstanding farming resource people to the beautiful farms we visited, we found the entire time a wonderful and enriching experience from beginning to end. It was a pleasure working with you; your enthusiasm and commitment are admirable.”  – Arun Gopalan, Executive Board Member, Association for India’s Development